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Cody AI↗️

The world of AI assistants is constantly growing, and there is always a demand for the latest and greatest technology. Cody ai is an intelligent AI assistant that stands out from the competition. It offers the same features as other well-known AI assistants such as ChatGPT, but with an additional benefit. Unlike most AI assistants, Cody allows users to train it on their own business, team processes, clients, and more using their own knowledge base.

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Cody AI Assistant

Meet Cody – an intelligent AI assistant that has revolutionized the world of business. With Cody, you can train it to operate in a way that suits your team, processes and business. It is like ChatGPT but with a difference.

Cody is designed to learn from your business operations, so it becomes smarter over time. As you use Cody, it will start to understand your customers' needs and preferences, allowing you to provide more personalized services. This means that the suggestions and recommendations made by Cody are tailored specifically for your business model.

Furthermore, training Cody on your team's workflows makes collaboration between colleagues effortless. Whether it’s sharing files or delegating tasks, Cody ensures seamless communication among all members of the team leading to increased productivity and efficiency. With its unique ability to adapt quickly based on feedback received from users, Cody can help organizations improve their performance in no time!

Use Case

  • AI assistance Chatbot
  • Upload Any Document & Build Your Knowledge Base of company
  • Provide Sources For Every Answer
  • Boost Employee Efficiency
  • Provide Support & Troubleshoot Issues
  • Brainstorm Ideas & Give Suggestions

How Cody AI works?

  • You Teach It What It Needs To Know
  • Alongside Cody, you can manage the list of resources it should use for every chat.
  • You can Customize Cody For Different Uses
  • Approach all your questions, train your personnel, and use Cody to save time AND money.
  • Cody analyzes all of your company's data, including articles, PowerPoints, and PDFs, and sources the top 10 most likely documents to answer your question in seconds.
  • You can train Cody AI for your specific requirements


  • Free Trial
  • Basic $29/Month
  • Premium$99/Month
  • Advance$249/Month

Cody AI's Alternative

  • AI Office Bot
  • Docmod
  • ChatterGPT



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