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Deepbrain AI

DeepBrain AI Studio offers an innovative platform to quickly and easily generate realistic AI videos from any script. In contrast to other complex video-generation programs, DeepBrain AI Studio simplifies this process with its Text-to-Speech feature that produces an AI video in as little as five minutes.


DeepBrain AI Studio is a  that makes it easy to generate realistic AI videos quickly and efficiently. With this powerful tool, all you need to do is prepare your script and use its Text-to-Speech feature, and in no time, you will have your first AI video ready to go. Whether you're looking to create engaging product demos or compelling marketing content, DeepBrain AI Studio has everything you need.

The beauty of this platform lies in its simplicity. No coding skills required! You don't need any technical expertise or prior experience with video production to get started. Simply upload your script, choose from our wide range of voices, customize the settings as per your liking and voila! Your video is ready for download in just five minutes or less.

DeepBrain AI Studio offers limitless possibilities for businesses looking to take their marketing game up a notch.

Use Cases

  • Use to create training videos
  • Create Marketing Video
  • Use in to create How -to Videos
  • Create Custom Avatar
  • Multy Language Saport
  • Time saving in video making and editing

DeepBrain AI Pricing

It provides different plans , Starting Ideal plan is for $30 per month, Pro plan is $225 per month and a Enterprise plan. You can check the plan pricing from here.

Deepbrain AI Alternatives

  • Soul Machines
  • Synthesia
  • Hour One


Eric Jang is a founder of Deepbrain AI.


  • Face Swap
  • Training Video
  • How to videos
  • Text To Speech
  • AI Video Generator
  • PowerPoint to Video
  • Online Video Maker
  • Create avatar

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