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Landman AI is a revolutionary technology that has been designed specifically to free up land professionals from the hassle of time-consuming data entry and low-level tasks. With its advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, this cutting-edge tool is transforming the way in which land professionals work, making it easier than ever before for them to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently.

By utilizing intelligent algorithms and state-of-the-art technologies, streamlines the entire process of land management. The software automatically analyzes vast amounts of data within seconds, identifying key trends and insights that can help land professionals make better-informed decisions. This means that teams can spend less time on manual data entry and more time on value-adding activities such as analysis, strategy development, and stakeholder engagement.

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What is Landman AI? How does it work? is a low-code software that has been designed specifically to handle the complexities of land title work with ease and efficiency.

With's AI-powered system, land title work can be processed at a speed and accuracy that rivals human capabilities. This means that tedious tasks such as researching property ownership history, verifying legal descriptions and conducting mineral right research can all be done quickly in just a fraction of the time it would take traditionally. Additionally, the software allows users to generate reports easily, making it incredibly convenient for those who are looking to streamline their workflow.

  • Landman AI employs various technological tools such as Document Lake (DL), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), and API Integration (REST, API, SOAP). By uploading all your documents, their AI can analyze and comprehend a wide range of documents related to land work, including but not limited to Instruments, Deed Records, Oil and Gas Leases, Runsheets, Ownership Reports, Title Opinions, and any other relevant document.
  • By systematically linking documents and extracting vital information, AI performs data entry and analysis tasks with a level of speed and precision that is comparable to that of humans.
  • Utilize the potential of AI to obtain significant insights, comprehensive summaries, and thorough reports that facilitate informed decision-making and strategic planning. AI is capable of extracting valuable information that can benefit you.
  • Using AI, your mineral tracts are mapped out based on land legal descriptions, such as metes and bounds. This automated process provides a visual representation of the location and extent of your assets.
  • streamlines your land work by utilizing AI to handle 80% of the low-level tasks, leaving you with 20% of the decision-making responsibilities. This well-designed web application offers an exceptional user experience, functioning seamlessly on both desktop and mobile devices. With its ability to draft leases, calculate ownership, produce division orders, generate run sheets, and perform other land work from a single location, eliminates the need for repeated efforts.

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  • AI data entry
  • Extensive summaries
  • Valuable insights
  • Detailed reports

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