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Naming Magic

Naming Magic is an AI tool for business name generators brought to you by Swift Ventures and with the integration of OpenAI created a powerful tool that makes the process of naming your company and finding the perfect domain name easier than ever before. Naming Magic is an innovative solution that combines artificial intelligence and human creativity to generate unique, memorable names for businesses of all sizes.

With Naming Magic, you can simply input your desired words or phrases, and the platform will generate hundreds of potential names that you can choose from. These names are not just random combinations but are carefully crafted with consideration for your brand’s personality, industry, target audience, and more.

What's more exciting about Naming Magic is its ability to search through millions of registered domains on the internet in real-time to find a suitable match for your newly generated business name.

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Naming Magic how it works?

Naming your startup or company can be a daunting task, as it sets the tone for your brand and can heavily influence consumer perception. Enter Naming Magic, a free tool that takes the stress out of naming by generating unique and memorable name suggestions based on keywords related to your business. Whether you're starting an e-commerce platform or a software development firm, Naming Magic has got you covered.

With just one click, this innovative tool scans through thousands of domain options to find the perfect match for your chosen name. The entire process is quick and seamless, allowing you to focus on other aspects of launching your company without worrying about finding a suitable name and domain.

Use Cases

  • Finding Business Names
  • You can book an available domain name with GoDaddy like, com, app, io, ai


Naming Magic was founded by the TubeMogul founders



  • Finding Business Names
  • Book Domain name

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