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Promptheus-Talk with ChatGPT

As technology advances, we are always looking for ways to make our lives easier. One such innovation is the Google Chrome extension called Promptheus. This powerful tool enables users to communicate with ChatGPT by using their voice instead of typing. With this extension installed, all you have to do is press the spacebar and start speaking.

The user-friendly interface of Promptheus makes it easy for anyone to use. Once you have set up your microphone, simply open the ChatGPT chatbox and press the spacebar to activate voice recognition. The extension will automatically convert your spoken words into text in real time, allowing you to easily communicate with other users without having to type a single word.

Whether you are looking for an alternative way to chat or simply want to try out new technology, Promptheus is definitely worth checking out.

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How to use Promptheus chrome extension?

  • Experience faster and smoother conversations with ChatGPT by utilizing your voice to communicate instead of typing, simply by pressing the spacebar. This eliminates the limitations imposed by the speed of your keyboard.
  • Visit
  • Talk to chatGPT by holding down the Spacebar.
  • Click 'Promptheus Options' located in the top right to personalize your language preferences.


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