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SpeakAI.co is a powerful tool that can help you record, transcribe and analyze your audio data without the need for any coding knowledge. With SpeakAI, you can easily capture your interviews, focus groups or any other audio content in a matter of minutes. The platform is designed to cater to various research needs such as qualitative research, academic research, and marketing research.

One of the main features of SpeakAI is its no-code approach. This means that anyone can use it regardless of their technical background. You don't have to be an expert in programming languages like Python or R to use this tool effectively. Just upload your audio files and let SpeakAI do the rest with its advanced machine learning algorithms.

Another advantage of SpeakAI is its transcription feature. The platform automatically transcribes all your uploaded audio files into text format saving you time and effort.

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Speak AI is the latest platform that has revolutionized the way researchers and marketers extract valuable insights from media. This cutting-edge platform leverages artificial intelligence to transcribe audio and video content with remarkable accuracy, saving users time and effort. It offers a no-code transcription solution that enables users to easily convert their media files into text format without any technical expertise.

Speak AI's natural language processing (NLP) technology goes beyond basic transcription services, offering users the ability to analyze large volumes of data quickly and efficiently. With its advanced NLP capabilities, this platform can identify patterns in speech, sentiment analysis, keyword extraction, and more. Researchers can use Speak AI's powerful analytics tools to uncover hidden insights in their interviews, focus groups or surveys.

Marketers can also benefit from Speak AI's features by using it to create highly targeted campaigns based on customer feedback gleaned from social media channels or other digital platforms.

Use cases

  • Expert and high quality transcriptions.
  • Speech to text software
  • Embeddable recorders to collect data from anywhere
  • Word clouds like charts, reports, or contour diagrams can be shown as data visualizations on a timeline.
  • Amazon Reviews Analysis with speakai
  • Do Twitter Sentiment Analysis
  • Get Expert Competitor Analysis
  • Get Expert SWOT Analysis
  • Speak Magic Prompts

Speakai.co Alternatives

Here are some Speakai.co's alternatives

  • RapidMiner
  • Forsta
  • IBM Watson Studio
  • Chattermill

Speakai.co Pricing

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Starter 8$/month

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Speakai.co was founded by Connor Zwick and Andrew Hsu



  • Transcriptions
  • Speech to text software
  • Data Visualization
  • Amazon Reviews Analysis
  • Do Twitter Sentiment Analysis
  • Get Expert Competitor Analysis
  • Free analysis Tool
  • Speak Api

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