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 Storyd AI↗️

Presentations are a powerful tool for communicating ideas and data to leaders. However, the process of creating effective presentations can be time-consuming and arduous. STORYD AI is an innovative platform that simplifies this process by allowing users to quickly create visually appealing presentations from their data. It uses sophisticated AI technology to automatically generate slides that are designed to engage and inform viewers. With STORYD AI, you can easily create professional-quality presentations with minimal effort.

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Presenting data in a compelling and visually appealing way can be time-consuming and challenging for many professionals. STORYD AI is changing the game by allowing users to create data presentations that leaders love in seconds.

The platform allows users to create dynamic and engaging presentations in minutes. With Storyd AI users can transform raw data into a visually appealing story that captures their audience's attention. Whether you're presenting to clients or students, makes it easy to create an impactful and memorable presentation that leaves a lasting impression.

Use Cases

  • Essential skill for Buisness.
  • Useful for Professionals.
  • Buisness data story telling presentation.
  • Helpful to students for making presentation.
  • Collaborate the data with teams on presentations.
  • Customize and export presentations to PowerPoint with he help of Storyd AI.
  • AI Script generator.

Storyd AI Pricing

It has a free plan as well as paid plan. You can check the plan pricing from here.

Storyd AI Alternatives

  • Motionit AI.
  • Prezo AI.
  • Tome AI


Founder and CEO of Storyd AI is Zack Mazzoncini and Founder and CTO is Michael Grimm.


  • Collaboration
  • Content Library
  • Multimedia with Text and Image
  • Choice to set theme, font and color

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